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Who Am I?

  • A science-fiction, horror and fantasy author.

  • Freelance entertainment writer with a huge love for pop-culture discussions on practically any topic you can name.

  • Passionate about history, politics and games.

  • Has listened to the 'Fire and Blood' audiobook several dozen times. (No regrets!)


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Stories have been my window into humanity for as long as I can remember. From my earliest days watching Star Wars to the Life is Strange series, Breaking Bad to Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones to Demon Slayer, the MCU to Pixar, every story I have ever connected has expanded my knowledge and helped shape me into a better person. I believe that fiction; when properly developed, is among the greatest ways of developing empathy that humanity will ever know and my writing seeks to play a small part in that vast, wonderful tradition.

Of course, without my friends and family, I would never have had the chance to develop this passion. Though my appreciation for all of them cannot be overstated, nor ever truly repaid, there are two whose influence I hold dearest among equals: My best friend and my Grandfather. They have guided my interests, ethics and enthusiasm more than any others, supporting, encouraging and challenging me in ways beyond anything I could ever have done alone.

To them and all who continue to play a part in my story; though unequal to your examples, I hope I am of some little benefit in the tales you so beautifully weave as yourselves. They will forever have my gratitude and it is in honour of them, everything they have taught me and the world they deserve that I create with passion. For if my writing can help even one person in bad times, give inspiration where there is apathy, bring laughter through pain or encourage co-operation amidst division, then I will consider my efforts well spent.

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When I first began to write, my Grandfather gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me: 'Try to create a White Raven'. In nature, white ravens are exceptionally rare and as such, his advice meant that I should seek to create something different from the crowd, stories that would stand out as being almost entirely unique. In order to hold myself to this ideal, when I began a creative media production degree in college, I named my YouTube channel 'White Raven Entertainment' and sought to create stories that were different from those around me. Some worked. Some were flawed but fun. A few fell apart spectacularly, yet through each, I learned important lessons and one in particular stands out to me; in stark opposition to the stereotype about writers that even we often self-indulge in.

You won't do it alone. Oh, you will come up with an idea, draft, develop, refine and bring it to life. Yet the paths we walk, the tools we use, each were developed over years, decades and centuries. Our inspirations and supports are innumerable: Friends, family, strangers; all playing their part in helping us to form our creative visions. As a perfect encapsulation of that, the White Raven logo/s I use, the ones I take immense pride in as a display of who I am as a creative: Designed by a close friend. I have absolutely no talent in graphic design, yet their work reflects a vital part of my creative passion. (Link to their portfolio below)

All this is to say, no matter how alone we feel, we often have and depend on so much more help than we realise and from that support, our ideas have the foundation to grow. That is what White Raven Entertainment has come to mean for me. Not just a chase for the unique but a recognition of the inherent teamwork that is behind even the most singular ambitions: We all build upon each other's stories.

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