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The Fifteenth Planet - OUT, JAN 7TH

Hello everyone! My name is Marley Eleven Bury, Science-Fiction Horror & Fantasy Author and over this year, I will be releasing: 'The Endless Stars' anthology series.

Set in the far future, humanity has ventured far beyond earth and into a universe that is wondrous, beautiful and terrifying. Within these tales are glimpses into locations, events and creatures whose existence challenges any feeling of safety we have and reminds us that as far as we've come, there are still powers beyond our understanding. The first of this series: 'The Fifteenth Planet', will be releasing on Jan 7th. in E-Book Form:

Synopsis: On every world, orbiting every star, there are fires crackling, storms raging, the languages of a billion, billion tongues. Whether it be from brutal wars, gorgeous music, tears of sorrow or cries of joy, sound rings out across the vast realms of the cosmos—all except one.

Far beyond the Rutheran Nebula, in a system where an ancient star has shrunk deep within itself: There is the Fifteenth Planet. She has no name, for no life may speak in her presence. Speech, radio, holograms; even telepathic thought… none make a sound once their wielder enters the planet’s orbit.

It is impossible and yet, it is true.


Each book of this series will be 3,000-15,000 words, explore different narratives within the same universe and will cost £1.00. If demand is high enough, paperback and audiobook versions will be released, which is a particular hope of mine.

I will be releasing one short-story a month and if you are interested in learning more, this blog will be the place to do so as I release weekly information such as title reveals, release dates and the inspirations behind each story.

Ultimately, your support is what will allow me to continue running this website, making these posts and bringing these ideas to fruition. Without you, none of this would be possible and even by just reading this, you've already made a difference and I owe you my deepest gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the previous years and for 2024, I hope you will join me in this new chapter of my storytelling journey.

Happy New Year everybody! Lets make it a great one!

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